Are You a Mermaid in a Corporate Disguise?


You're in good company It took me my whole life to realize that I’m more of a mermaid than I am fully human. Let me explain... Mermaids are half land and half aquatic beings. Yes I know they are considered mythical. I don’t really care if they are or not. Mer energy has visited upon me and this persistent awareness is a transformation for me.

She Came to Me in a Vision Back in my corporate VP days I was a fish out of water. I was afraid to be seen for who I really was with all of my strange (then) interests in the spiritual arts of yoga, meditation, singing and recording mantras and ancient mystical teachings.

Now nearly 20 years later, after surviving a life-threatening cancer, she ('mer' energy) is calling me back to the corporate world. I was there in my 20's because it seemed like it was a source of the best financial fuel at my disposal to get me to India eight times, to get enlightened.

The corporate lifestyle held some charm for me, but mostly it was a means to that end. I knew I wanted freedom, and it seemed like the corporate door was the door to the kingdom. I couldn't have been more wrong. In less than a decade full time in the business, I developed a life-threatening corporate hangover. It took me 3 years and a second cancer diagnosis, to recover against the odds - and to leave corporate forever for my real life's work.

After breaking away with my life, I ultimately recreated myself as a women's business mentor who specializes in helping women use entrepreneurialism to be valued for their life's work, so they can take over the world. I’m going back to corporate now. Not to join that culture again, but to find the fish out of the water just as I was.

I want to let them know they don’t have to let things get so far out of hand before they take their life and their life’s work into their own hands, as I was forced to do. There's No Way Out, But In When I was on the road to a level 4 meltdown in my bustling life as a VP I got the signs that the end was near.

But I didn’t listen, and I had learned to use my years of secret training in the spiritual arts to get away from the experience I was having.

I didn’t want to hear my body complain about the brutal hours and unending expectations. Or the pointless stress and arbitrary deadlines. So I used my spiritual powers to get away from the turmoil of what was really happening inside of me and blam, full stop. I had to learn how to turn the direction of my intense focus inward.

Instead of needing to vacate myself, I became adept instead at going in - to feelings, beliefs and programs - and loving unconditionally what I found. And through the magic of inhabiting my body and my feelings, messy as they were, I found my soul’s calling and the authentic voice that had been there all along.

It’s been almost 20 years since my diagnosis and my days in board rooms, marketing and media events. But here I go, back. This time with the beautiful energy of the mermaid who is extending her hand. The Magic of the Mermaid She stands first for mastery in the realm of water. Water represents our emotional life - we have salty tears, sweat and other body fluids to show that sync with the flow of ocean tides and the moods of the moon cycles.

I've discovered through working with archetypes and releasing their shadows that it’s when we are deeply in this emotional life, despite how dark it can get in its depths, it's in the deep that we are safe from the emotional storms that churn and rage on the surface of the water.

For the most part we are trained to develop our minds and avoid our feelings, like the plague. That is, until they cause such a stir that we can no longer ignore them. So mermaid energy is fearless about exploring the whole human experience - the good, the bad and the ugly. She takes on emotional turmoil headfirst, diving into the waves without the resistance humans have. She knows she will swim safely because this feminine-natured water is her element.

She Marries Feminine & Masculine Energy Mermaids being half human also represent the masculine realm of manifestation. For her it’s not enough to just navigate the emotional waters. Because once you master feelings, you will be inspired to create….something!

The feminine ‘mer’ nature naturally wants to join with the earthly masculine energy and create the divine marriage between the worlds. This is so they together, like a snake eating its tail, can create the much bigger experience of oneness - unification, wholeness. And it is a full circle as many truths are.

As she works in the human realm of achievement, accomplishment, meeting worldly goals and taking bigger and bigger risks that are dear to her heart’s purpose, it will cause more and more accumulated experiences to stir, so she can ultimately go free from any subconscious (submerged) limitations. Mermaids Don't Have Jobs for Long That’s why mermaids don't have jobs and what makes the world of entrepreneurialism a great spiritual path if gaining your freedom important to you.

Because it will continually throw up in your way all of the things that are your (2)obstacles and require of you a deep and humbling dive into your subconscious experiences. Are you a mermaid in a corporate disguise? It doesn’t have to stay that way.

To help you see why you are there and how to do your life’s work as a one-of-a-kind business I’ve created a complimentary teleseminar and webcast presentation where we you will learn: 3 Reasons You Are Unable to Leave the Corporate Life And How to Do it With a Solid Plan for Creating Your Own Source of Wealth please click here to sign up with your email And comment below if you want to share any success stories about how you jumped ship successfully, or ask questions about what to do before you jump!


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