5 Signs That You Are a MerPreneur

Your Obstacles are Not in the Way

I’ve worked with archetypes for many years, since I saved my life from cancer working with them over 15 years ago. And it isn’t until recently that mermaid or Mer archetype energy began to visit me. With deep gratitude, I credit two things for attracting this juicy Mer being. One is that I learned to release, let go of many old and out-dated limiting beliefs and programs. And two, when my father, who inspired me to be an entrepreneur, passed away, I suddenly felt lost to my work.

On the heels of releasing these lost feelings, Mer energy came to me -- to comfort, inspire and to show me the next chapter of my natural life and work flow. She showed me that my lost feelings were not in my way, rather they were the way. She revealed that there are many like myself feeling trapped in the experience of having great gifts to offer, but not having clear direction for offering it. She told me to find the Mer beings, that they are waiting for this magic and to bring their's to the world too.

Mermaids Make the Perfect Entrepreneurs

A mermaid makes the perfect entrepreneur in today’s world, because she is a magical creature who has an unstoppable will to serve, explore, to be free, and to be a wave-maker rather than be crashed around by the waves of life. Learning directly from direct downloads of Mer energy night after night, in the spirit of Carl Jung who pioneered working with archetypes, I’ve discovered the five signs that will help you see if you are indeed have mermaid, or Mer energy that lines up with your professional life, and if you are indeed a merpreneur such as myself and many women in my community.

See you if you hear yourself in some or all of this.

1. Money doesn’t motivate you to work, love does.

If money were the only reason for your business, you would do something much easier than baring your heart and soul for the good of others.

Nothing less than true love -- through your authentic life’s work -- will satisfy you.

If the economies fell completely down and money disappeared, you would still do this work for the sheer love of it.

2. You know your innermost fears are all that stand in your way.

You're not satisfied by staying on the surface level. You want to go deep into your experience, and take your clients deep too.

But you see how being in service in this way as a business is the perfect catalyst for freedom, because it shows you exactly where you're not yet free.

You know that mastering of your feelings is the most important thing you can do to help others navigate the emotional underworld, and in the name of great service you are willing to get to the other side of your biggest fears.


3. You know that taking care of yourself is a happy side effect of helping others.

Being in service with your gifts makes you happier than anything else.

Your goals, of course, include having a great life, having wealth, having ample time, having fun, being creative on your own terms, doing whatever you want and being your own boss.

But deep down, those are just the side-effects of being on your true journey to freedom. And you know inside that the fastest way to go free,  is to help others.

4. You feel right in your skin if you remain submerged in your own instincts, feelings and creative flow.

You know the only way out of experiences you don't want in your business, is by listening to your primal instincts, even though they make no sense to anyone but you.

When you allow yourself to honour your feelings and creative flow, you can easily source your happiness from within.

And then, rather than passively reacting all that comes in front of you, you can make your own waves. You know that when you are in the rhythm of your tireless creative flow, that you are not at the mercy of the storms that hit the waters’ surface.

5. You are a magic bringer, and you have the magic touch.

You create powerful transformations in the lives of your clients and see the ripple effect in everyone they touch too.

Many have received your magic, and when you are clear about your vision, you know many more are meant to receive it.

And you know your vision won't let you rest until you've cooperated with its creative power.

MerPreneurs Do it For Love

There's every other reason to do it. To survive, to take care of yourself and your family, to be secure in your income, to do something that doesn't burn you out while you make your living. There's nothing wrong with this. But we let our fears drive us. And then we more attract what we fear.

Turn it Around Now

By awakening the Mer in yourself you will connect with her bravery, her independence, her sense of maternal leadership that accounts for the well-being of many.

Can you feel this brave Mer energy in yourself right now? Take a moment now to receive it and let it nurture you, let it guide you to courage. Let your love move you and only love will come from what you do for others as a business.

And very important to add, instead of trying to figure out what to do with the urgings of your life’s work and how to earn a living being the magical creature you are, listen to your Mer instincts. They sing the outrageous song of freedom and teach you how to be the bringer of that freedom to those in your life and work.

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