When You Don't Know Who or What to Trust

June 2019-38


I received this question on Facebook today:

Hi Beth,

I have some questions about the child archetype which I seem to be swimming in full force... would like to integrate some of the things I’ve heard you talk about over the past year... and just listened to your FB live about paying attention ...the myth that by giving your attention to bad stuff you are making it worse.

I have Such a Resistance to the news and political events and don’t know what to trust. The place that catches me is Nature and the environmental changes that are upon us.

I feel called to help in some way— I can see solutions— but I don’t know what to think about the climate change strike — I sense something darker looming underneath it.

I feel like I am stuck in the Child archetype somehow so afraid of that big betrayal that I don’t even want to look that way... and yet like you say, what you resist persists, and it just keeps coming back stronger ... mostly there’s just a piece I think I’m missing on how to move through the Child to the Rebel.


Why the Child Archetype Resists Moving into the Rebel Phase

On the Journey of Purpose

When you are trying to get unstuck with the Child archetype, it’s often a question of what betrayal you are trying to avoid going through, what are you trying not to see, and what fears are you hoping to avoid feeling and facing.

And ultimately you can ask yourself, "What calling am I scared I cannot or will not fulfill?

Every Archetype Sees It's Next Step as the Enemy

In the Journey to find, be valued for and survive purpose, the Child archetype is the beginning, and on the heels of healing it's shadows is the second of the eight archetypes, the Rebel. To say the least it is quite a jump to go from the innocence of the Child to the raucous trouble-making of the Rebel.

In a state of self-“protection” the Child sees the next step on the Journey, the Rebel, as an enemy or poison. Every archetype in fact sees its next step as that, until you get through it's shadow enough to see the enormous gift of it and the illusion of its loss.

What the Child Archetype Fears

The Child desperately wants to trust, this is not wrong. It's a beautiful quality of a living, breathing and feeling human.

But lurking underneath it is often the fear that it’s world-view is going to be shattered, and that coming up and out of it’s denial means having to take on every fight.

But in truth it will be the Rebel’s responsibility to understand what is truly on purpose for that person, and to decide exactly where and at what scale to direct that resistance in a productive way.

On Climate Change...ers

On the subject specifically of the environment, this earth, this planet, the natural world that the Nature Child cares so deeply about, never forget how heavily climate changers are invested in your fear and paralysis about so-called climate change.

They are not invested in solutions, otherwise they would already have implemented them long ago. They are invested in fear.

How Psychopathic Leaders Predictably (and Without Fail) Roll

First they create, stage and set the problem. Then they create the so-called solution to the staged problem. And then they pose to be the ones saving people from the problem that they created but blame on the average human.

This is the ongoing strategy. Once you see it in one thing, you will see it in every. thing.

The climate change movement is the ultimate betrayal of the Nature Child. Saving the earth is a disguise for raping, pillaging and destroying it and its human inhabitants. 

If you are ready for it, let yourself feel it. Let yourself loosen your grip on the trust and innocence that is really ignorance.

Let Yourself See

Let yourself see that your leaders do not have your best interests.

Let yourself see that your feeling heart and soul is not the same as the black, soulless heart that feeds on fear and capitalizes on humanity’s continued naive denial about what harm is being done to them.

And let yourself see how that machine makes you hate yourself, turn on yourself and practically beg to remove yourself, the seeming problem, from the picture.

The Machine Has No Soul

That machine has no soul, no ability to think, create and feel for itself. It’s only purpose is to self-exist, to feed its bottomless hunger with your fear and the bloody “sacrifice” (that is not at all sacred) of your God-given creative power.

The Child is a devastating place to be in this day and age. That’s part of the plan, to make it so unbearable that the only choice is to retreat deeper into denial.

That means that your choice to awaken in the face of it must be more powerful than the soulless machine.

It needs you and your fear.

Starve It & Create in Your Vision

The big lie that's being told especially in spiritual worlds is that by paying attention to the wrong things being done you are contributing to them.

The truth is as I said in my previous article and video, is that has left the world in a regrettable state.

The answer is to starve it yes, not of your attention, but of your fear, despair, and any other emotional paralysis.

The more you dump your paralyzing emotions, the more easily you will create the world you want to see in your vision. 

Who You Can Trust?

The shadow need of the Child archetype is to trust everyone - what the media says, what their friends say.

They want to trust that people will do what they say they will, and that everyone has their best interest. 

The need to trust is not wrong, it's just misplaced. To awaken it the trust can be directed towards that which is truly worthy of this precious trust.

As Jacob Liberman says, don't trust or mistrust anyone. "Just trust your own guidance". 

You Are Fully Supported

The Child's deepest desire is the feeling of being supported, held, nurtured and cared for in the arms of this Mother Earth.

In releasing the fear, creating in your vision and following your desire to trust in an awakened way, you are fully supported by the Divine, if you choose to access the unlimited power of it.


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