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Do You Struggle With Making Decisions?

Be Decisive Once and For All

in Your Soul’s Authentic Voice

Create Your Life

As I write,  I’m going through one of my life’s biggest changes – work, home, family life, relationships – all in a massive ‘tectonic shift.’  What I notice, every time I go through these periods, is this.

As soon as I pull up to, inhabit and locate in my authentic voice — the one that aligns with my true self and the honest change that is happening….and I mean every single time — I become more decisive with less time, pain and effort.  An empowered voice makes decisions with relative ease, and doesn’t fall victim to ambivalence, constant deliberation and wavering resolve.

Lauren Bacall Cracked Me Up!

We certainly can choose unconsciously – we do it all the time, with even the biggest of decisions, life and death matters, our health, our children, our relationships, conception.  An unconscious choice is just not the same as deciding.  That’s why we want to choose, we fight for even meaningless choices.

Everything that comes before us, is an offering, but it’s whether we receive it or not that makes it a gift. It is in the conscious choosing, that our chances for “success” by far outweigh letting it go willy nilly. Listen for the voice that always says, “yes,” to something. That’s your soul’s voice.

And I’m an expert in saying “no,” it was my first word. And in many ways I went down in 1999 for a three year battle with cancer.  This was the result of wrestling my spirit down, while I stayed against my better instincts, in a corporate business lifestyle that was in fact killing me, and within which I couldn’t get fem-powered and choose.

The really good stuff of life only happens to us by accident once in a while. Being decisive is a skill that can be learned, employed and practiced.

And the energy for doing this is either tied up, or flowing — in the fifth chakra, which includes the neck, the cervical spine and nerves, shoulders and the connection between the neck and the centre of the heart.

The power to create, manifest, i.e., become fully self-expressed, is key to making decisions.  If we feel empowered enough, speak our truth and don’t give anyone else the authority to put a lock on our self-creating instincts, then the fifth chakra will bubble up with joy.

Maya Angelou

Beth Martens and the late Lindor Reynolds & MAYA ANGELOU

What's the Alternative?

Benezir Bhooto

Ed Martens  and Beth with the late Benezir Bhooto

It’s been a journey to find my voice, and still is every day.  Prior to going down with cancer, all I really wanted to do was sing, study in the Himalayan mountains of India and teach what I was learning.  But, despite this powerful desire, I defaulted to consult as the vice president of my family’s business. In this decade that left one hell-of-a corporate hangover (are you having one?), I lived a double life while travelling to India every year (eight times!) to explore my true passions.

At one point during my fiery corporate initiation, as I was getting deeper and deeper into my career, I had a “pinnacle” experience that included a personal encounter with a number of amazing women speakers.  Over a three year period, creator of Unique Lives & Experiences Women’s Lecture Series, Bob Benia, partnered with our firm to produce a women’s speaker series that featured a number of draw dropping speakers – Maya Angelou, Jehan Sadat,  Gloria Steinem, Lily Tomlin, Lauren Bacall, Joan Rivers, the Duchess of York, the now deceased prime minister of Pakistan, Benezir Bhooto   to name a few – who told their incredibly personal stories and laid them bravely at the feet of 2,000 women that filled our concert hall every time.

Beth with Jehan Sadat and Henry Zacharias

Opening for Deepak Chopra at the Winnipeg Concert Hall in 1996. With  Marny Fyfe and drummer/healer Henry Zacharias.

Opening for Deepak Chopra at the Winnipeg Concert Hall in 1996. With Marny Fyfe and  Henry Zacharias.

Gloria Steinem and Beth

The same series led us to host self-help guru, Deepak Chopra. Despite wearing my vice president hat at the time, I made the decision to pitch my own band to open for his talk, and then again in Toronto. This was an amazing choice I could easily have not made for fear of rejection, but it worked!

Telling and hearing each others’ stories, we become enlightened, and we get breakthroughs through hearing other people’s stories- even when we are still too shy to share our own. Out of this innocent telling and hearing comes our ability to incite interaction, co-creation, and inspiration — potentially for everyone to have voice to explore their creative power.

Sarah Ferguson with my father Ed Martens and Myself

Ed Martens (my father) the late Joan Rivers, Beth Martens, Pat Martens (my mother) and Jacquie Roberts (my sister)

And it’s out of this, that the natural power to make decisions – for creating healthy, organically grown and sustainable community – will come.  Learning to be decisive is the answer to the calling that we all have deep inside of us.

So what will have to happen for you to act on your own soul’s inner prompting? It took me eight trips to India and lying in bed for three years recovering from cancer (after ten years of dimming my light in the wrong field). I don’t want to see you hit rock bottom, before you make the decision to change (or save) your life.

If you’re a woman with a voice, my intention is to give you a leg up on the journey, so that you don’t have to go through the kind of  intense wake up calls that I had to (before I finally listened to the small whispers inside of me)!

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And for women with a voice, who are out there on the front line trying to get past their fears, listen to this complimentary audio: How to Take Risks Finding Your Authentic Voice.


With kind love and namaste!

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3 Responses to Do You Struggle With Making Decisions?

  • Jacqueline says:

    Thank you Beth for sharing your world…I have been at a standstill in my life for almost 3 years now…almost moved across the states and fear kept me here, or so I think…I am having a horrible time connecting to myself…my depression comes and goes like the sun and moon…I know all the tools to connect and hardly ever use them…your website is inspiring me…I know I am here to DO for Gaia…now I just have to connect to my abundance and spirit in the know now…<3 Jacqueline

    • Beth Martens says:

      Hello Jacqueline, it’s been a few years since you left your comment, LOL! Somehow I missed it. I’ll send you a note to see how you’re doing. Thanks for your kind feedback!

      xoxo :-)

      Kind love,

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