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Words of Appreciation

You should work with Beth if have incredible passion…

I resonate with your whole project empowering women with money. How do I make money doing exactly what I want? I loved the idea of my archetypes and was empowered by your message; the point of money is that it is love. And it’s easy to be taken out of your seat by money.. you helped me to unveil those negative aspects on my journey. Cleaning up my money vibration, because I saw the world as dying because of it. Now I see God is money, it’s coming through me. SMA has really helped me clean that up that vibration. I experienced the transformation from hating money to loving money.

After we did our archetype reading, it was so quick, so fast and so easy that I got the perfect job teaching. I got to teach police officers yoga and meditation, incorporated my own creativity and also got to work with kids…. Archetypes helped me to listen to my soul’s purpose, and see how when you ignite those archetypes and consciously invite them to work I get amazing results of raising my vibration higher.

You taught me to change the language; from “I deserve,” to “I’m worthy….” I have transformed since the reading, it’s given me the tools I need — it’s my personal workbook, my tool kit for helping me transcend my vibration to allow money to come. The reading left me feeling like I’ll never get it wrong and that awakening your soul’s purpose is the way to be happy.

You should work with Beth if have incredible passion for change but don’t have the exact tools to make it, because it will help you change your negative beliefs and attitudes about embracing the powerful energy of money. The best experience I had was feeling how the sacred money archetypes and angels got ignited in me, around me and guide me….and coming to the understanding that money is something I’m worthy of and I’m honoured by, and can focus on it all coming in with a spirit of happiness and purpose.

Sommer Geck
Student/Young-preneur/International Teacher/Translator (USA, Equador)

I learned how to welcome money!

I have a major gain in the form of money awareness and fondness. For a long time I had a non- loving and barely tolerant relationship with money.

Releasing has created a space in which I see how and why this is so and what actions and mindset will welcome money.

This is the greatest gain I’ve felt so far. So thanks once again for all your efforts and caring.


I have made major changes in my professional life and financial situation…

Beth is an awesome archetype and releasing coach! With the MerPreneur archetypes and releasing together she helped me see my fears and resistance to meeting my goals were just an illusion and that nothing really stands in my way.

Since working with her I have made taken big leaps in my professional life, my income and doing the work I was really called to do.

Anna Sobeichart, Coach, Entrepreneur and Dance Studio Owner

Beth… allowed me to see what I do have already that I can give to the world.

I used to struggle with self expression, confidence and money issues. After 3 weeks of working with Beth I have more confidence, I have a new perspective on skills I’ve already gained and am thinking about new ways to be in service to others that I hadn’t considered.

I recommend coaching with Beth if you lack confidence in your abilities and ideas, as she is able to help you realize your potential and challenges you do reach it. The most profound experience I had was understanding my Sacred Money Archetypes and how I can use them in my daily life. That allowed me to see what I do have already that I can give to the world.

Giovanna Rossing
Early Childhood Educator

I got a really great sense of relaxation around accepting…

Before working with Beth I was challenged with being overwhelmed by opportunities and life decisions.

After 3 sessions and working with the Sacred Money Archetypes I got a really great sense of relaxation around accepting some of the “archetypal” aspects of my being.

It’s helped me to be less judgmental about myself and clearer in my decision making. It’s gotten me very curious to pursue more exploration of archetypes.


Ali Tataryn
Actress/Art Studio Owner, Canada

…and I reached a whole new level of confidence.

After our Take Action Sacred Money Archetypes session together, I felt really motivated to start my business!
All of a sudden I had the energy to actually do something, instead of just thinking about it. Up until then I was feeling stuck because I had been questioning my credibility. I came away from our time together realizing I have years of invaluable experience, and I reached a whole new level of confidence. It was a huge breakthrough.


Sarah Picken
Healer/Therapist, Canada

I felt a lightness, calmness, and truth carry through her voice…

I received the gift of exploring my sacred money archetypes with Beth Martens and it was a truly magical and enlightening experience. My journey with her allowed me to understand and embrace my archetypes and not experience the shame and guilt-which would be a common facet of my relationship with finances. Even having my time with her on the phone energetically elevated my vibrational state.

I felt a lightness, calmness, and truth carry through her voice that immediately allowed me to receive her information on an intuitive level free of negative frequencies intervening. It was my good fortune and honor to share this experience with a woman who’s life work is to help others actualize their true potential! Thank you Beth! I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to perceive information about myself in such an empowering way!!!


Rachel Johanson
Healer/Non-surgical Beauty Specialist, Canada

I have to tell you how awesome my relationship is going with money!

I have to tell you how awesome my relationship is going with money! I have a budget now and I get excited to tally up my income and expenses. Everything has changed. Thank you for everything you have already given me, truly appreciate your willingness to share your voice so vibrantly!

Everything has been really potent so far! I can’t believe how cleaning up some spare change and gift cards can change your perception!

Thank You Beth!! Very empowering call tonight I appreciate the advice yesterday, it allowed me to sit back and realize there are many paths to the place I am going.

Huge revelation about my relationship to money and how the lack of self-support is directly mirrored in my lack of supporting funds or giving my financial situation any of my time.. Money seems to be another mirror. So interesting to step into my large pile of pink money last night and realize that the money said it felt abused and disrespected and to turn that on myself and realize that I create these situation.. Money just wants to be cared for as all of us do.

“Such an inspiration! Thank you for guiding me to move through places I did not want to visit has been extremely healing and uplifting to honor.”


Loren Martin
Women’s Coach and Owner at My Sacred Sister, USA

I am so grateful to Beth for doing this work…

I am so grateful to Beth for doing this work and for sharing it. The Sacred Money Archetypes coaching program has saved me countless time, energy, stress and endless mental dialogue! I am now ready to take powerful and positive action bringing my divine life mission as a healer to form through my career and businesses and confident that I will be successful in every way. I took a risk and the reward has been a true investment in myself and my life that will continue to pay me for the rest of my life in endless ways.”

I did not feel confident about approaching most people about what my business was and what it has to offer and I was feeling resentment towards myself for being that resistant, mostly feeling frustrated about my business and how I was showing up in it.

The program certainly helped bring a lot of processes to a level of awareness that I can better create what my highest potential and intention is. I can see much more clearly the divine intention that I have planned for myself and gained a greater sense of perspective about where my life is going and what I am creating and how vast that vision is.

I would recommend this to any woman who becomes one of my Brand Partners with Nerium because the company stresses personal development work and this is such a huge opportunity to learn and grow as a female entrepreneur, which is exactly the subset of people I will be attracting and helping to empower themselves. Also, any of my impending healing clients who are open to this type of work and who are looking for the opportunity to grow financially. Also, my open-minded and more spiritually and growth oriented female friends.


Shelley Fritz
Healer/Nerium Independent Brand Partner, USA

I keep getting interrupted by new clients expressing interest in sessions!!!

So [after our last coaching session] I made a list of 90 chiropractors and osteopaths to connect with, but I’m having trouble finding time to approach them this morning because I keep getting interrupted by new clients expressing interest in sessions!!!

Hey hey! Three booked in for next week already!!


Kate Henderson
Love & Relationship Coach, Australia

Audio Testimonial

Mallika McCarthy,
Singer/Voice Teacher/Holistic Voice Practitioner (Ireland)

I am able to now control how I work with different situations surrounding money…

Before working with Beth I had a hard time reconciling my money behaviors. I didn’t couldn’t find peace between they way I saw different situation around money much less understand why I was drawn to the decisions I would make. After meeting with her for a Sacred Money Archetypes reading I received a tremendous amount of clarity around why I made the decisions I made and how I could get my “money moods” to work for me instead of against me.

I learned how each archetype affected the other and was able to build a system of support and eliminate the sabotage that held me back in so many situations.
I feel empowered and supported by having my money behaviors identified. I can work with them in a flow that just simply makes my personal and business life so much easier. When I look back on the moment I made this decision to face my truths I feel so grateful that I agreed to be honest, open and accepting of what would come out of this. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made regarding my money truths.

I highly recommend working with Beth if you’ve struggled with self money sabotage or confusion around your personal money behaviors because the work that she does can help make sense of it all and allow you the freedom to exercise your best you in every situation. The most profound experience I had as a result of working with her is realizing that I am able to now control how I work with different situations surrounding money.


Erika Wilmore,
Intuitive Web Genie & Owner of Fempire University

I highly recommend working with Beth if you have struggled with confidence and guilt/shame issues

Before working with Beth I had so much fear of rejection that I felt paralyzed when it came to promoting myself. I felt unsure how to combine my wisdom, training, and knowledge in a coherent package whose benefits would be comprehensible to potential clients.

After 2 VIP Days and the start of a Six Month Archetype and Business coaching program, I have the confidence to promote myself, truly seeing how valuable my contributions are to all that exists; I have a coherent structure mapped out and priced for my services; I feel less afraid of rejection and more inspired to do my work AND I booked my first client in my new 6 week package at $1,497!!!

Not to mention, OMG, my new website look is freaking AWESOME!

When I look back at the moment I made the decision to do this for myself I FEEL SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!!
I highly recommend working with Beth if you have struggled with confidence and guilt/shame issues; she’s so grounded in a woman’s worthiness that you “catch” this sentiment and feel it towards yourself and your Work.

The most profound experience I had as a result of working with her is seeing how simple, profound, and lucrative my Work can be if I just let my Purpose speak for herself.


Jana Keyes,
Queen Goddess Coach of Women Way-Showers

I made the perfect decision for myself and my business

Before working with Beth I was challenged with recognizing where my biggest blocks were when it came to attracting my ideal clients and knowing which strengths I had within me that could help me break through them so I could experience new levels of success and abundance in my business and life.

After 1 session with Beth, I understood what my personal strengths were and how I could use them, I signed 2 new clients, and I saw how making one slight tweak to my business vision could open new and exciting possibilities.

When I look back at the moment I made the decision to do this for myself I feel like I made the perfect decision for myself and my business. My work with Beth helped me to have more open and honest conversations about money, to understand why I make the choices I do, and to see how I can leverage my strengths as I grow an authentic and passionate business.

I highly recommend working with Beth if you have struggled with money blocks as you build your business because she helps you connect with your strengths so you can take actions that feel in alignment with your values and that you will best be suited to make happen.

The most profound experience I had as a result of working with her is seeing that many of the patterns that have come up in my life in a variety of situations are very much intertwined. For those that may have seemed like negatives, I learned to see how they are actually some of my best strengths, and that gave me so much more confident on this incredible journey. I was also amazed to see that in the weeks following our session, so much of what came up in our time together began to make sense in new and deeper ways.

Website: Womb to World Wellness

Xandra O’Niell

 I am much more in my energy, liberated and joyful!

When I look back at the moment I made the decision to do this for myself, I feel liberated, energized and much more integrated, happy and grateful (also to my higher Self to lead me to this session)! I feel a transformation and healing process.

I highly recommend working with Beth if you have struggled with belief systems in the area of moneymaking that do not serve you, because a completely and surprisingly healthy, relaxed and happy relation to this topic will be revealed and awakened – one that can certainly serve you. Beth’s nurturing, loving and wise guidance through this process is a gentle and determined one at the same time. It is liberating and I am deeply grateful.

The most profound experience I had as a result of working with Beth is that I am much more in my energy, liberated and joyful; the field of money feels cleared and light, as a pure energy that can be so supportive to bring our gifts to the world


Vera Peter, Artist,
Sculptor and Healer (Germany)

Who Knew Making Money Could Be So Enjoyable and Easy?

Before my reading with Beth I was quite the ostrich when it came to money. What I loved about her Sacred Money Archetypes system was that it gave me a highly practical framework and very specific vocabulary for actually feeling empowered, highly motivated and strongly connected to money.

The result is that I now know exactly what actions to take and what personality traits to draw on in order to create true abundance in my life and biz. Who knew making money could be so enjoyable and easy?

Thank you so much Beth xx”


Rikke Hansen,
Career Advisor (UK)

If you have struggled with creative blocks…

Before working with Beth I was challenged with a fear of being seen, speaking publicly and speaking authentically. When I look back at my decision to do this for myself, I feel self-empowered and self-nurtured. The most profound experience I had as a result of working with Beth on the Sacred Money Archetypes is landing a $10,000 gig (with a feature length film) within 8 days. I highly recommend working with Beth if you have struggled with blocks, because they are in your way and she will help you identify and remove them. Just be ready…it’s like preparing to give birth.



Marlowe Brown,
Filmmaker, Mother’s Hero (US)

Beth Martens … Marketing genius

From the lips of a marketing guru himself….


Tad Hargrave, (CDA)

I got a new lens through which to see confusing aspects of my life path…

Before working with Beth I was challenged about talking about my performance and art with others in a business-minded way, speaking without fear of judgment. After our Harmonic Archetype Wheel coaching program I got a new lens with which to see certain confusing aspects of my past, a deeper understanding of working with archetypes to invite growth, ideas on how to talk about my art with others and find my tribe, healing around being profoundly witnessed by a truly evolved woman who was able to resonate with my experiences.

When I look back at this moment when I made the decision to coach with Beth I feel infinitely grateful!!! I highly recommend working with Beth if you are struggling with how to get your work out there. She is brilliantly devoted to the cause of the Divine Feminine – so that each of us women may be a clear vessel for it to shine through at this crucial point in the human evolution.

The most profound experience I had was a lightness and release after discussing and healing about experiences I had never before felt comfortable sharing with any other woman.


Charlene Widzinksi,
Singer/Artist/Mystic Healer, (US)

Working with Beth is a breath of fresh air

Working with Beth is like a breath of fresh air. She has the ability to breathe new life into old ideas and to get you thinking about those things which matter most to you while keeping it real. She provides a safe, supportive, nurturing, non-judgmental atmosphere for one to delve deeper into themselves, and her firm yet gentle approach will definitely keep you on task.

I have had the great priviledge and honour of singing with Beth in her Kirtan Calling band for the past two years…and now coaching with the archetypes long term. My experience with her has deepened my own confidence…to put myself out there much farther that I thought was possible….and I’m still stretching!

I highly recommend working with Beth. Her energy, enthusiasm, and experience is second to none and I promise you will not be disappointed!

Website: Singer, songwriter, animal advocate

Leane Koss, CDA

My life was good, but I wanted it to be better!

My biggest challenge before working with Beth was that I was spending most of my development time on my work and confusing that with self-development. I had hit a wall where I needed to re-examine how I spend my time and make adjustments to pick up the creative parts of my life path I was neglecting. My life was good, but I wanted it to be better. I wanted to live life more fully and bring the competing parts of myself into better balance.

After 12 concentrated sessions learning about universal archetypes through sharing, mantras and yoga, I was able to get out of my own head enough to listen to my heart. Every week of this process was a journey into my psyche, my emotional body and even my physical body – the one I neglect most of all. As a result of greater self-understanding, I’ve improved my interactions with some family members, adjusted some personal relationships and returned to creative work I’ve let slide. Beth is an amazing, sincere and solid guide to the soul’s work….and as it turns out for me to my playful Child self, as well. I’ve returned to the things I’ve always loved, writing poems, drawing and even singing and remembering how to play the piano.

I have always thought of myself as a pretty self aware person, but I’ve learned more about myself in a few months study with Beth than I have in years. She gave me the space and new tools to do the work with and helped me to bring my life into better balance and to know myself even better than I did.

Beth is the person you want to work with if you already have a good sense of yourself, but want to go further in your self-discovery. She will challenge you and never let you off the hook, while pouring her loving energy into offering herself as a guide and a mirror. Beth is on a journey of her own and she will never make you feel like she is superior or that your issues are trivial. She is truly compassionate and practises what she teaches. Wherever you are at with this process, Beth will be there for you…we tend to get stuck in our everyday routines and working with Beth helped me get unstuck.


Suzanne McCrea,
Director of Boreal Forest Network and the Creatrix Behind the Manitoba International Women’s Gathering CDA

…much needed respite of personal growth, exploration and transformation!!!

I’ve worked with Beth for over 10 years beginning with a memorable series of private classes in Ashtanga yoga. What impressed me most about Beth’s style is that she really knows how to create a nurturing and sacred space for transformation. Beth facilitates with the perfect blend of warm and gentle, but she is also not at all afraid to tell you the truth or ask the hard questions.

More recently, I did Beth’s Voices of the Archetypes program which was a much needed respite of personal growth, exploration and transformation. Working with Beth facilitated a new way of looking at my obstacles and illuminated a path forward for on going self reflection and growth. I am so glad that I had Beth’s support and cheerleading as I stepped fully into the kind of service that I truly desire to give. Not only am I full time making a sustainable living and speaking my truth through my work, but as a lovely side benefit, some kind of magic happened that reduced the occurrence and severity of my susceptibility to getting sore throats.


Sherry Rothwell,
Fem-preneur, Coach and Food Goddess CDA

I love being in Beth’s grounding, wise energy

I am taking part in the Baby Steps program, and love being in Beth’s grounding, wise energy. If you are ready to access your true voice, speak with power, connect with your creativity, heal lifelong injuries to your true voice, become fully self-expressed, and step into your “fempower”, then check out Beth’s Baby Steps To Finding Your Voice program.


Julie Ann Kimball,
Owner/Fem-Preneur, Live Vibrantly Today, Cockburn US

Beth Martens is a Gem

The finest transformational coach I know. She blends 3 unique abilities; a nurturing heart, a deeply intuitive soul and a conscious mind filled with an assortment of wisdom gifts to help people manifest huge breakthrough in their lives fast. Her work with sacred archetypes is deep and compelling. She clearly lives what she teachers, and is a rich example. Beth has helped me greatly in understanding how to honor all sides of myself, especially the ones I have had hidden who need to come out now. If you need any support or inspiration on your life path to be, your best, do not hesitate to contact her right away and get one of her coaching packages. Your life will be forever changed. Do it now.


William J. O’Mara PhD
Greenwich CT USA

This luxurious coaching experience was life-changing…

This was a truly awesome coaching and archetypes experience, with a very wise, strong and gifted leader and a group of amazing women.
Thanks for having the vision Beth to pull this together.
You have changed my life!

Debbie Frechette,
Winnipeg, MB
Mental Health Care Executive Director

You helped me find my voice!

Check out Beth Martens’ events, find your inner voice and ignite your truth… Beth helped me years ago find the courage to sing and free my voice.


Jennifer Summerfeldt,
Fem-preneur/Midwife of the Soul, Edmonton, AB

Beth, I LOVE your new CD, The Soul’s Voice!

…enjoying FABULOUS songs from her new album, The Soul’s Voice. Check them out, they are lush, beautiful and uplifting — perfect for your new morning of joy and togetherness.


Jen Martin,
Owner, The Soul Source, West Bend, Wisconsin

Bless your work!

I had a beautiful experience hosting you for a masterclass at the University of Manitoba Preparatory Studies and have been contemplating words to express that…. validating, peaceful spirit. May the goddesses truly bless your work and the gods receive them well.

Mary Hawn,
Director of the Division of Preparatory Studies/Acting Coordinator for the Suzuki Program at the Marcel A. Desautels Faculty of Music at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

The first time I allowed my voice to be expressed freely…

I heard many wonderful comments about how much the women enjoyed interacting in such a powerful way with you, the perfect complement to our weekend. That night was “big” for me, too. It was the first time I’ve allowed my voice to be expressed freely in a musical way in public without holding back in case, heaven forbid, I made a mistake.

I look forward to hosting you at our women’s retreat again.

Website: One Heart Womens Retreat

Jocelyn Dowden,
The Reiki Place, Brandon, MB

What is keeping you from sharing your art, your truth and your inspired life purpose? Please feel free to contact me and let me know where you might be getting stopped from living through your authentic voice.