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Interview with Dr. Jacob Liberman

A Powerful Journey into a ‘Luminous Life’ of Purpose Discover more of Jacob’s work at his website.Facebook:  @DrJacobLiberman Twitter: @DrJacobLiberman And visit one of these links to get started on your Journey of purpose. For KingsFor MerPreneurs

Showing Up

Hey Lovey!! Thanks for showing up here with me, it means the WORLD to me. Check out my latest video, live streamed from Facebook today, about showing up. See where you’re at… Showing Up is Not Always What it Appears Are you having a hard time showing up for others in your life? Are you […]

3 Ways for Truth-Tellers to Be Heard and Inspire Action

Without Having to Endure Attacks and Disapproval Are you the one who doesn’t mind making everybody feel uncomfortable? Truth-telling, change loving and revolutionary thinkers get a lot of recoil reactions when they spill their beans. I know LOL!! Before I learned how to communicate with an open heart and sensitivity I used to get a […]