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Simple Sleep Solutions


5 Steps for Sleeping to Your Heart’s Content

Without Having to Medicate, Suffer So Much or Sacrifice Making Your Dreams Come True! 

So you can… 





 Who This is Perfect For?

This program is perfect for women who are ambitious, committed and eager to serve with their gifts in their lives, but who struggle to sleep soundly and suffer with feeling held back by their energy.

It’s great for those who would like to be free from relying on taking  sleep medication and find the deeper root cause(s) of the sleeplessness.

And it’s ideal for a woman who is willing to approach working on her sleep challenge as a spiritual journey – an opportunity to gain a greater sense of freedom in all areas of her life, including, but not limited to her ease of sleep.

Who This is Not Perfect For?

This program is not for women who are determined to stay at the mercy of the their sleep issues.

It doesn’t work for those who are resigned to medicate themselves indefinitely.

And it’s not good for anyone who is happy in the comfort zone unwilling to uncover and let go of unconscious believes and feelings.

Why I Created This Program?

img_6391In my vision…if ambitious women leaders, teachers, artists and entrepreneurs became more adept at navigating the emotional underworld, they would gain the skill to sleep more deeply, easily and with less struggle. 

With greater ease of sleep comes greater ease of action, decision making and following through on those things that are important to them. I’ve been able to move mountains since managing my sleep better, and want that for you too!!

Why Now?

Have you suffered enough already? How long has this gone on holding you back from:

Doing what you love and want to do in your career or self-employed life?

Not being able to follow through with projects you start and commitments you make?

Knowing your health and sanity are getting whittled away every day this goes on?

Having the quality of relationships you know are possible with your partner, children and others close to you?

The solutions are simple, but if you put it off to later thinking there will be a better time you are giving your ego authority over you.

There will never be a better time, you will never be more ready. All you have to do is take the first step and decide it’s over for you and sleeplessness. You’re moving on.

Some Words of Love

“Beth has an innovative and enlightened approach to solving sleep issues. Her process delves into the root causes of insomnia instead of of offering superficial solutions. She has helped me have a completely different perspective on the issue. I’ve read thick books by medical sleep experts and consulted with them, and found less new or of use than in our first 1 hour session. We dove right in to working on life goals, she guided me in creating effective goal statements and releasing the energy and blocks around theses goals. I immediately felt the emotional shift from this process. She is teaching skills that empower a person to continue releasing emotional blocks after the session is over.”

~ Marion Peter, Author/Artist

“Beth is a skilled releasing coach. She helped me see my fears and resistance to meeting my goals were just an illusion and that nothing really stands in my way. Since releasing with Beth I have made major changes in my professional life and my financial situation and opportunities are taking off to new heights.”  

~Anna Sobeichart, Teacher & Entrepreneur

5 Step Simple Sleep Solution Program

img_7640-11. The Magic of Goals: Stop Seeing Sleep as a Problem

Discover the real underlying problems that can be solved and start seeing sleep as a solution.

Includes: The Magic of Goals (home study program)

2. Clear Up the Mystery

Learning to take 100% responsibility for your experience with sleep (and everything!). Become a student of energy and experience what it’s like to cut the cords, reasons and excuses that stand between you and a restful night.

3. Moving Into Courage 

Adopt a simple system for conquering your biggest fears around life, love and money.

Includes: Voices of the Primal Archetypes (home study program) and a Sacred Money Archetype Reading.

4. Teaching Your Body to Love Sleep 

Learn how to communicate to the body about sleep and teach it to get into deeply restful, restoring and inspiring rest that will leave you feeling great no matter what.

Includes: 21 Yoga for Sleep Videos; bonus recording of a Yoga for Sleep workshop; download of The Yoga Lullabies CD; bonus report on ‘Getting Off Sleeping Pills Naturally’

 5. Sweet Dreams 

In this module learn why your life purpose is keeping you awake and how to stop it.

Includes: Introduction to the Harmonic Archetype Wheel for working with archetypes to discover the reason you came to earth


The Navigation Plan 

This done-with-you Simple Sleep Solutions six week coaching program includes the following elements:

2, 45 Minute releasing sessions per week for 6 weeks 

1, 60 Minute goal setting ‘get-started’ session

Bonuses (valued alone at over $1,400):

Releasing to Freedom Home Study modules (valued at $297) 

Voices of the Primal Archetypes Home Study Program (valued at $297)

30 minute Sacred Money Archetypes personal reading (valued at $497)

The Magic of Goals Home Study modules (valued at $197)

Simple Sleep Solutions 85 page e-book + 21 ‘Yoga for Sleep’ video series  (valued at $147)

Investment Details:

Full Pay Investment:

One session per week $997

Two sessions per week $1,497

Extended Payment Plans (available by request)

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