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Hi Beth here!

Life is too short for artificial formalities, so here’s a personal introduction.

I am a business coach for mermaids, and as you can imagine it was quite a journey to get to this place.

I mentor women entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives to find their source of love-based discipline. I help them do their marketing with a feminine grace and provide them with the more masculine get-er-done business strategy too.

I have a vision that women should be valued for their authentic life’s work, and take their magic to those creatures who are stuck on dry land. Because ultimately I see a Feminine Business Future™, where through business, women’s voice will rise like a tidal wave and be an unstoppable force of positive change on earth.

Back in the 90’s I was obsessed with spiritual arts, and went to India eight times to study in a village in the lush foothills of northern India. But I lived a double life for that decade and ‘by day’ was gasping for ‘air’ like fish out of water the corporate world as VP with my family’s marketing firm.

After those years in business I crashed and hit a dam — a full stop that turned into a three year battle with cancer. I left my position, sold my house, gave away my things and prepared to live and to die, I didn’t know which was coming.

It was a huge blessing to re-discover in time how to work the healing magic of archetypes. Thanks to recovering enough energy that way, facing my fears head on and bringing the sleeping parts of me to the surface to heal and be let go, I survived against the odds.

And you guessed it, when it was all behind me and I was clearly going to live through it, I decided I’d never go back to the corporate world. Instead I created a life around teaching and performing in the in the spiritual arts – including creating four original music recordings. I loved what I was doing, it should have been right. But I knew inside it wasn’t complete, my work still only represented a fragment of me and a fragment of the life I knew I could have too.

Everything changed when I had my son against the odds after truckloads of chemotherapy. As a single mom with a little guy to bring up, I knew I couldn’t go on feeling fragmented and that my passions were arguing with each other creating a slow and sometimes fast energy leak for me.

I felt pulled in every direction, marketing my services was a nightmare and I was not able to devote energy to my son enough with the struggle and overwork of it. So while I had a huge ‘marketing VP’ ego and had resisted getting help, I humbled myself to the wisdom of working with a coach who was able to help me vision and embrace my life’s work as a whole, and to let go of the sense of carrying multiple identities – not to mention a tonne of fear too.

It was a total eureka, literally a magic act, to feel like one person again. I happily reclaimed my expertise in business, allowed myself to work for the women entrepreneurs, creatives and leaders that I so love and went to work full time to help them transform and create their businesses into the spiritual journeys that a life work business really is.

I again was transformed by archetype work and devoting myself and certifying in the Sacred Money Archetypes and as a Marketing and Business coach I both tripled my income and cut the hours in my business in half, wow!!! I learned then how money isn’t the true measure of wealth, time is.

Most recently when my father passed away of the corporate hangover that threatened to take me at 29, I was left feeling directionless and disconnected with my business, crashed around by the waves that hit in the wake of my dad’s life..

With the help of coaches again (can you hear a theme?), now having certified as a Releasing Coach myself as well, I resolved once and for all to be fearless about helping women that are stuck the way I had been, as fish out of water.

Truthfully it scared the heck (and worse) out of me to associate in any way with the worlds I had demonized when I got sick with cancer, but I was getting a powerful nudge from within…let’s see if I can describe what happened.

As strange as this may sound, I was visited with ‘mer’ energy. Mermaids were a teeny fascination as a girl watching Daryl Hannah flip and flop around in Splash, but for me they were just a fanciful Disney thing – I gave them, her no thought.

But next thing I knew I was surrounded by a woosh here and the flip of a tail there and a very clear invitation to immerse myself even more deeply in my inner experience, in my feelings of grief and everything else that lay there under the surface.

Night after night I communed with ‘her,’ she came to comfort me and give me strength, as well as an incredibly clear sense of direction. I had never even considered ‘Mer’ to be an archetype, after over 30 years of studying them, but here she is in the living technicolour in which archetypes appear when we give them our attention and allow them to put a powerful current behind our rudder.

She told me many secrets, and urged me to find the ‘mermaids’ (who aren’t maids at all by the way), to help bring them home into their natural element, their authentic life’s work.

For women that feel trapped in an institutional job or a corporate position like I was, or in the net of their own business that isn’t their true calling or element, like my dad, I resolve to help show them that they shouldn’t wait for things to get so bad as I did, and how to dive into their life’s work as a business and serve completely, in a way that creates flow for themselves in all ways too.

As a business coach to ‘mer-preneurs’ – I hold the hand of women who want their discipline to come from love, who know their flow experience is not a luxury and who know that serving in a deep way with their gifts as a business isn’t an option either.

If the magic of archetypes, emotional releasing and a business model that allows you to earn right away serving in a one-of-a-kind business — without having to sacrifice your instincts to follow your creative and personal flow — resonates with you, contact me personally to let me know where you are getting stuck.