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Hello Friends of Marc Gray!

What is the value of your life purpose?

I learned the hard way

It nearly cost me my life to be out of alignment with my true purpose when I was 29. After a 3 year battle with cancer when nothing was working to turn the corner with my health, I learned to work with archetypes.

In discovering and working to awaken them in myself I saw what I was on this planet for, and in just months completely recovered, against the odds, from a life-threatening illness.

I feel committed to sharing it with those already strong ones who want to get stronger by fearlessly diving for the riches in their unconscious – before they face a full stop like I did.

Your purpose doesn’t leave you alone.

From facing my death I know that you don’t get out of our sacred contract – the agreement you made with yourself about how you are going to use your time on this planet. You can distract away from it, but it only delays the inevitable.

When you get caught up with the surface of life and feel its heaviness, you can slip into the purposelessness of it all. In this shadow you forget to explore the depth of your own soul’s mission.

Maybe you even use your magic to hide the fullness of your brilliance. It’s more frightening to answer your calling, go on the Journey and succeed in bringing your transformation back to your people, than it is to fail.

And perhaps you’re out there on a limb, living through your purpose and being a champion for others with your life’s work. But you either crashed from the stress of it, or you see one coming.

Who this is for

This is for those that are wanting to uncover the mysteries of the unconscious to find out where they are getting stopped.

It’s for those who are willing to dive deep into the inner work.

And for those that want to stop the drain on their energy and use it to bring their gifts to those who need them.

They know deep down that if they were valued for those gifts they would be a bigger part of bringing humanity back to a natural state. And if they were seen, heard and recognized they could go on with their brave work on behalf of others.

The quiz’s takes just 5 minutes. Which one is right for you?

  1. To find the value of your purpose and life’s work as a business, sign up to complete this quiz and learn your MerPreneur Archetype in the form below. (It’s usually for women but not exclusively.)

    This will help you:

  • See where you currently are on the MerPreneur’s Journey, the Hero’s Journey with a ‘Mer’ twist that maps out the value of your life purpose.
  • Learn the specific superpowers of your archetype.
  • Learn the shadows that you may be losing energy to.

By learning which archetype you are leading with, you are discovering how you can best serve through your life’s work in this moment in time – how the superpowers can work better for you, and how to recognize and release the shadows.

2. And if you’re less of a Mermaid and more of a King Hero, click here to sign up to learn your King Hero’s Archetype and learn where you are on your path of purpose. (It’s usually for men but not exclusively.) 

I created this archetype journey because…

If you have a clear direction that’s uniquely aligned with you, you can create momentum and ease of flow in the work you came here to do.

And if you can see where your energy is getting jammed, you can begin to turn that jammed energy into free energy. And free energy is what healed me from a stage 4 lympohoma!!!

Sign up to take one of these 7 minute quiz’s (MerPreneur or King Hero) below and find out your position on the Journey, so you can begin or keep on bringing to the surface your biggest gifts and shadows without having to tank out like I did.

I’ll share more of my story on the other side.

This is one of the ways I am building a community around my work.

I created this quiz so you could easily get a free reading of your archetype. In exchange I ask for a chance to get to know you and host you in my email community, which you need to provide to get your results.

I send periodic emails with articles, videos and offerings AND you’re welcome to unsubscribe to at any point.

AND if you’re a friend of Marc Gray, you’re a friend of mine!

I can’t wait to see where you are on your MerPreneur’s  or King Hero’s Journey that heroically leads to bringing humanity back to its natural freedom!

Drop your name and email below to fill out the MerPreneur archetype quiz. And again, click here to sign up for the King Hero’s Quiz instead.

After you finish filling out the questions you’ll get instant, on screen results (take a note or screen shot), and then you’ll have a chance to fill out a form to take me up on a spot in a one-on-one phone (or Zoom) Your Journey Archetype session.