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Making sure you survive your purpose

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My dad was a strong man.

He built a business from the ground up and became one of the top 3 agencies in our home town of Winnipeg in just over a decade.

He provided for his kids and my mom, he took care of his clients royally, and made sure his employees had a paycheck every two weeks. He kept his family happy, he kept his business happy, he kept the bank happy, the government…it was endless.

His life was extremely successful and extremely stressful, and because he carried a lot of weight, and maybe because he didn’t have a belief system around doing the inner work that might have helped, he was diagnosed with cancer more than 20 times in the 40 years he was in business, until his life ended at age 75.


I have regrets

Looking back on that relationship I have regrets that my dad wasn’t better recognized, appreciated and respected by me for what he worked so hard to provide.

Being brought up in an age where feminism was on the rise and the “patriarchy” was painted as a crushing force on women, and hearing the women in my life often complain about the men in their life, I had a less than respectful disposition to my dad.

We were good opponents, but we were also good business partners in later years.


He mentored me

In my 20’s after doing my anthropology degree when I was looking for a means to start a career, he took me on and mentored me to work side by side with him in the marketing and communication world. He taught me everything he knew and gave me a ton of responsibilities. By the time I was 25 he named me the VP of the company.


But by age 29 I had a stage 4 lymphoma.

I loved the work we did, but I didn’t love the corporate world – the almost always nameless, faceless, purposeless and hungry corporate culture that had me working crippling hours to satisfy client demands.

And because I felt loyal to my family’s company and making good on my father’s mentorship I felt trapped. I knew something had to give, but I felt powerless to change my situation.


When God Intervenes

And that’s exactly when the Divine intervenes, and not always as one would like. I got my “ticket” out, but at an unspeakable cost that added up to 3 years of fighting for my life and surviving against the odds.

How I managed to pull it all together, to regain my energy and recover entirely from a second and terminal diagnosis was working with archetypes. I used this system of seeing our inner blueprints of purpose to answer the questions that were looming…


Why was I mysteriously losing my life despite spending 10’s of thousands to get a cure?

I was asking the big questions. What was the purpose of my life? What did it mean to face my death?

Was I really protecting my physical body from death at all cost, or was there something deeper inside that needed my safeguard?

I faced my death and made a full time job for myself discovering the purpose of my life by following the archetype blueprints I discovered inside of myself, drawing on the work of pioneers, Carl Jung and Caroline Myss.


I freed up enough energy to heal.

In working with my archetypes and bringing to the surface important and hidden parts of myself I regained enough energy to heal from cancer. I always say now that I didn’t know how to heal from cancer, having tried everything, but freed up energy knows how to heal. And so it did.
I went on to create my own businesses in the spiritual arts, recorded 4 CD’s and then reclaimed my business experience to help those that were trapped like I had been to create their life’s work into a sustainable career.

I’m on a mission to support strong men

Since my father’s passing in 2015 it’s been a process of awakening to how incredibly valuable the strong men of our societies really are.

I ultimately realized that some of the messages of feminism are there to put a wedge between men and women, to break up the families and make us weaker and more vulnerable to being taken down.
I see now that if strong men can get stronger they can not only they heal themselves, but get on their own mission and purpose in a way that makes a difference for this world that needs them.

Here’s a video of someone I coached recently who helped me see this.


If you are getting crushed under the weight of your commitments, responsibilities and taking care of others, and maybe not receiving the respect or recognition you deserve for your heroic efforts, then having a clear picture of your purpose is going to help you focus and make powerful boundaries.

Once the soul is a true survivor, then the ways you can be part of making an even bigger difference on this planet become exponentially more possible.

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