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Welcome to Coaching Central!

sitting prettyI help women with share gifts to share serve to their heart’s desire without having to burn out, lose themselves in the process or become resentful.

If you’re getting stuck in indecision about your business, your relationship or other areas of your life that are stopping you from getting out there and fulfilling your mission on earth, I have created special systems to help you have lasting break through’s in your business, your money, your relationship, your sleep and your path to ultimate freedom.

But make no mistake, all of these paths are about your ultimate freedom – from the limitations that hold you back from being your brilliant self and passing that along to your clients, loved ones and your community at large.

You Are Here to Make Magic!

You are in the right place if you are:

  • Exploding with your purpose on earth and wondering how to manifest in alignment with it.
  • Ready to take your magic gifts into a business, or up-level an existing service to high end.
  • Trying to get clear about your inner most yearnings and the fastest way to fulfill them.
  • Struggling without clarity in relationships and want to make uber easy and fast changes.
  • Wanting to make the most of your ‘Mermaidy-ness’ – capitalize on your Mer strengths and avoid the pitfalls!
  • Stuck with sleep issues and need a solid solution!

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Mermaid and Releasing