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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Maya Angelou

Your Life’s Work as a Business: The Biggest Spiritual Journey of Your Life

beauty-fullI have travelled around the world and worked with many spiritual groups, including eight trips to India. But I never felt a room so egoless as a group of women entrepreneurs. Why?

Because a woman entrepreneur’s spirituality has to work in the real world.

Your heart, your gut and your bank account are going to tell you if you’re in alignment, being authentic, being true or not.

So there’s lots of incentive to get there, be there, stay there. To be true to your soul’s voice, walk your talk and live up to your own highest ideals.

Being in business has been cause for my biggest spiritual journeying.

More than eight trips to India.

More than surviving a three-year battle with cancer against the odds.

More than having a child against the odds.

More than surviving my father who inherited me his business wisdom his whole life.

Especially if you intend to have a business that is based on your authentic life’s work, then this stuff matters to you. You’re not going to sell widgets and call it a day.

No, you’re going to go out and give of yourself from the heart and soul, with the exact thing you came to earth to do in the first place.

And it matters. It will bring up your greatest fears of being visible, of not getting the approval you need. Maybe of not surviving.

It will challenge your mermaid ways of giving your all and getting nothing in return.

And it will strongly nudge you to get honest about taking care of yourself first and stand up for your value.

How I Help

I work with women virtually from around the world and live in my home town business coaching in Winnipeg in one-on-one service packages designed to guide you step by step through slaying the demons and dragons around money, and creation and marketing of high-end services.

Slay your demons and dragons in a ‘6 Week Sacred Money Immersion’ program.

Create your one-of-a kind signature service (and a solid product to serve with) in my 6-step system “Craft, Package and Sell Your Sacred Service in 6 Months,” where you also learn how to sell it and how to create income opportunities for yourself.

Learn how to use public speaking and story telling in place of advertising and traditional marketing so you can “Market Your Mastery.”

I also provide support services adjunct to business coaching in Winnipeg and beyond, including a Simple Sleep Solutions program for insomniacs and contact me about a special program designed to help you have emotional breakthroughs when all that stands in your way is how you feel.

I Can Show You How to:

Navigate the emotional underworld and magically clear the obstacles that hold you back in life — with your health (including your sleep), your business and your relationships.

Create your one-of-a-kind, high-end service for gifted women with multiple skills, talents and passions.

Serve without killing yourself, like I almost did.

Market your uniqueness with public speaking and story-telling.

Be accountable to your dreams, like your mom and best friend never will (like only a mermaid can).

Are you Ready to Submerge in Your Life’s Work?

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Business Coaching

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