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You can only become truly accomplished at something you love.

Don’t make money your goal.

Instead, pursue the things you love doing,

and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.

-Maya Angelou

I’m passionate about a woman’s life’s work.

about-page-bethThe reason is that mine wouldn’t leave me alone, not even on my death bed.

I notice lot of women are feeling like they are removed from what they are actually called for — caught in a net, or worse, trapped on dry land, thinking they can’t live it and do if full time in a valued way.

They sacrifice their energy, giving their all to their families and communities and then feel burned out (and secretly resentful). They want nothing more than to serve with their magic gifts, talents and passions, but don’t see how to have a life and a business that flow seamlessly with their authentic life’s work, that only they can do. They don’t see how to make their living and their life the same thing so it can be a powerful force and make a difference in the world without leaving themselves and those they love in the dust…mermaids hate dust.

Welcome to My Ocean

Take just a moment right now to submerge. Allow yourself to go under the surface of your thoughts and the work-a-day world, deep into the rising and falling of energy in your body, your feelings, your soul center. Is this is one of your many gifts, navigating this watery underworld and helping others do it too? is home for Mer-Preneurs — women entrepreneurs like you who want more than anything to serve, to give their all and to help others wake up to their magic powers too.

If you’re like me nearly 20 years ago, you are stuck in the work-a-day world, slaving for …, I got nothing. No matter how ritzy it is. Just check and see if that “health plan” is working for you. My corporate VP health plan added up to a stage 4 lymphoma and 3 years fighting for my life, surviving only against the odds.

Or maybe you’re like me, more than a decade ago when I needed to break free from my own self-employed slavery. I was doing EVERYTHING I loved in the spiritual and musical arts, but it was an immense amount of work, I had no clear focus and my income never reflected how much I poured into those I served. I didn’t know how simple it would be to turn it around, until I learned how to take everything I love and create a high-end business that allows me to easily give of myself 100%!

You may not realize how simple it is to turn your life’s work — what you love to do, who you love to do it for, what you are gifted, skilled and trained at — into a lucrative, high-end service-based business.

But while you’re an expert in your unique ‘brand’ of transformation, it’s the discipline of packaging, marketing and communicating your value that keeps you from being able to offer all you have.

As a business, archetype and emotions coach for MerPreneurs, and the creatrix of a MerMaven Mastery Experiences for creating and marketing high-end services, I help women get past their fears of making their waves, so they can be truly valued for what they came to earth to do. 

‘Mer’ women have to have an authentic voice in their business, so in my blog articles, webcasts and coaching programs I teach them how to use the wisdom of archetypes to speak naturally about money and the soul of their services too.

I spent 20 years experience in the ‘masculine’ world of marketing and communication and it nearly cost me my life, so after recovering I turned to a more feminine way that allowed for my instincts and creativity to lead. Now as a certified business, money and emotional releasing coach I have the pleasure of holding women’s hands as they dive into the deep end of their life’s work.

It’s in the deep end where you will discover your greatest treasures and your biggest fears too. 

Caught near dead in my corporate tracks at 29 with a stage-4 lymphoma taught me that I could no longer go on as a fish out of water.

Guided to work with archetypes, I owe my life in part to Carolyn Myss who published the “Sacred Contracts,” the year I went down the second time with cancer. I recovered enough energy to save my life navigating the underworld using archetypes, and never had to look back. Then ten years after surviving, I used them again to save me financially after having a son as a single mom while I was running my full time business. Did I mention that I went the better part of a decade without sleep?

I could finally do what I came to earth to do, be of much greater service helping others to transform their lives and business and be well-valued for it. Amazing!

And then as if my Scorpionic life wasn’t deep enough, after my father who mentored me in business at the start, passed away in 2015. At that time I lost sight completely of my direction in business for the first time in many years. I turned inward many, many nights in a row. And in was where I found and was ‘visited’ with a very special ‘Mer’ archetype, as if new to me. But she was not new at all, she had just been covered up with a lifetime of hiding the feminine, being the masculine as if to survive.

This ‘Mer’ energy, the makings of mermaids in the deepest sense of the archetype, is a space of deep nurturance. Her instincts are her guiding authority, and they’re made of love, not fear. She is a fighter, a lover and at her best she gives of herself as an open vessel for beauty, truth and the discipline that brings pleasure alive. She needs to be #inherelement to help anyone. She knows it’s her contract, that her needs have to come first, before she can really look after and transform others.

If you’re determined to live beneath the surface of your life, serve with your life’s work in a business and let your instincts be your guiding authority, you are no stranger to Mer energy.

Beauty is food for me (that and the perfect decaf espresso), and the only thing I love more than being free in my own element is helping gifted women be free too.

My business is still the biggest spiritual journey I have ever been on, even after surviving cancer, going to India 8 times and having an amazing son after being told I wouldn’t conceive after years of chemo.

If your intuition is singing to you about all of this, hit the ‘contact’ button above to let me know where you feel like you might be struggling to be in your element and what is keeping you from enjoying the flow you know you can. 

Here are some ways I can help:

Unearth the ‘bones’ of your life purpose and teach you to work with the archetypes who companion your life’s work.

Slay the demons and dragons of money, finances and energy exchange so you can be valued for your unique life’s work.

Navigate the emotional underworld and magically clear the obstacles that hold you back in life — with your health (including your sleep), your business and your relationships.

Create your one-of-a-kind, high-end service for gifted women with multiple skills, talents and passions.

Teach you how to serve without killing yourself, like I almost did.

Show you how to market your uniqueness with public speaking and story-telling.

Hold you accountable to your dreams, like your mom and best friend never will (like only a mermaid can).

Are you Ready to Submerge in Your Life’s Work?

Answer these three questions (in total confidence) and I’d be happy to connect:

Where are You At?

At a Glance Here Are Some Strange Things You Might Not Know About Me

My son is a long-haired bohemian child with a love for skateboards, super cars and high tech.

I have four CD’s of original songs and ancient mantras all available on iTunes (under Beth Martens and Vijaya).

I play in a reggae-esque band called Love Note that brings an uplifting groove private and public events alike.

I would rather die than drink bad coffee, though I am limited to decaf from years of too much stimulation as a child.

I love freedom and want it more than anything, for myself and everyone.