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A King’s Journey: Interview with Calvin Correli

Questions I Asked the CEO and Founder of Simplero

I interviewed Calvin Correli, founder and CEO of Simplero, talked about his King Hero’s Journey and archetypes and what it’s like to be the King of his castle. He shared some intimate details about where he’s got got past obstacles by doing his inner game and how he navigates his business and personal relationships in the context of his success.

Here are the questions I asked him:

1. Tell us about yourself and your business, Simplero for those who don’t know what it is.
2. What inspired you to become a self-employed entrepreneur in the first place? What was the turning point (or were the turning points) when you made the pivot? What struggles did you have to overcome in order to take the turn?
3. You are doing a great service to your customers such as myself. How does your business fit with your life’s work or purpose?
4. How do you manage the stress of having so much responsibility both professionally and with your family or other personal commitments? What about your life makes all the stress worth it?
5. Have you ever crashed from the stress, and how did you get to the other side of it?
6. What’s your take on the masculine and feminine energies? How does it play out in your work life?
7. Do you have a spiritual practice or belief system and how does it relate to your business life if at all?
8. What message do you have for men like yourself who may be at earlier stages that might help them avoid any pitfalls you encountered?
9. What’s your upcoming book about?
10. And last, how can someone seeing this interview explore if your platform, support and coaching services might be right for them?

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