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The Difference Between Serving and Slaving in Your Relationship

It’s a Fine Line

What I noticed from running our first Having What You Want in Your Relationship class last night is that we are all in the same boat.

We are all going through the same experiences in our intimate partnerships.

We’re all trying to clean up the same past stuff from our past intimate relationships too…

When we hide our experience it’s because we feel like we’re the only one going through something.

We get to stay stuck, because what is trying to bubble up to the surface of your awareness can’t, because you’re pushing it down.

The Mermaid Syndrome

What I notice coming up on mass is what I call the mermaid syndrome.

See if this sounds like you…

You give and you give and you give some more in your relationship.

Or you gave your all and it left you, and they left you high and dry without so much as a thank you for everything you invested in them.

You’re always giving more than the other. You want to give, but then when you come up short….

Suddenly you’re like a trapped animal in a cage (thanks to a client for giving me this image today), ready to kill anyone or anything.

The resentment builds, you get sick of it unconsciously because your nurturing Mer nature compels you to keep giving.

The shadow of this ‘Mer’ archetype, is the willingness to abandon yourself to serve others. It doesn’t go well.

You may feel amazing giving, giving and more giving and then all of a sudden, blam! you’re on the floor gasping for air, water, food, a shower..

What I saw in myself and am watching in others is that this will to serve in it’s unconscious has this dark inner core of self-neglect, resentment and the ever-charming ‘kill’ energy.

It’s unconsciously convinced that another is in control, there’s maybe a deep sense of wanting to be controlled, but only underneath the surface. We don’t see it there and can’t let it go.

Have a watch of this video and comment below (or private message me) about where you’re at.

And I’ll share some feedback.

It’s Not Too Late…

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